Decking Cleaning Cambridgeshire

Newly installed decking in Cambridgeshire can look great initially, but unless regularly maintained it can quickly look dirty and become prone to loss of colour. It will also over time often become covered in algae, bird 'stains' and surface growth, which can leave it very slippery and dangerous when damp or wet.

Driveway Cleaning Cambridgshire specialise in cleaning wood and decking garden features in Cambridge and Peterborough.

Our professional decking cleaning equipment is specially designed to clean decking and wood features without leaving 'streak' marks often left by pressure washing equipment that most people use at home. Virtually all algae, dirt and bird 'stains' will be removed. After this initial cleaning process, it is advisable to treat the wood with decking oil for longer lasting protection from the weather.

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Decking Cleaning Cambridgeshire image
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